Safety & Quality


Groen vinkje

We make maximum effort to work safely by:

  • Organising Safety awareness training.

  • Carrying out a 'Training on the job' program based on the job and tasks, which includes safety, environment and quality.

  • Having a system in which employees are able to report incidents and near misses.

  • Performing periodic inspection rounds by the Health Safety & Environment team.

  • Including safety and environment in investment programmes/projects.

  • Starting each meeting of the Management Team and Supervisors at EMS with Safety to emphasize the importance of safety.

A Key Performance Indicator is used to measure safety performances.


Groen vinkje

We make maximum effort to deliver the best quality by:

  • Delivering within the agreed customer specification.
  • Measurements of products in using calibrated equipment by trained and qualified Operators.
  • Producing in accordance with the relevant International Standards.
  • Actively participating in projects together with the supplier and customer. 

Customers judge the quality of the products delivered by us as very good.ISO9001_LRQA_NIEUW.png

99.99% of all deliveries EMS are delivered as "First Time Right".

We have been certified according to the International Standard ISO 9001 (current ISO 9001:2015) for many years.