To provide the best performance in safety, quality, and service to all stakeholders.


 To be the best service center in the electrical steel market


  1. Aspire to set high standards on safety, environment, and quality.

  2. Build stakeholders’ trust with integrity, respect, and humility.

  3. Foster a culture of open-mindedness.

  4. Strive to develop others and oneself to achieve full potential.

  5. Embrace the challenge of continuous improvement.

  6. Having and maintaining a clear and up-to-date management system that shows the requirements and how to meet these. This includes all MS processes.

Policy statement

  • EMS aims, by utilizing management and control systems, to organize its processes in such a way that it ensures a good quality of the finished products. All this with respect to the environment and under the safest possible conditions.
  • Perform periodic internal audits on its management systems.
  • To meet agreed customer specifications is the responsibility of all EMS employees.
  • Through continuous improvement EMS is trying to improve its processes, in this EMS strives to protect the environment, work conditions, and health as much as possible.
  • Continuously EMS is working on increasing the awareness of our employees (including temporary employees) through information sharing, training, and meetings.
  • If a claim is reported this will be handled directly. If the root cause is within EMS actions will be taken to avoid recurrence.
  • EMS complies with all relevant legislation, permits, and other EMS-endorsed agreements.
  • EMS is committed to having a good relationship with its environment, customers, suppliers, and third parties.