Our business

We are specialised in slitting wide coils of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES) with low iron losses to narrow sized smaller coils

Our main line of business is to process high grades of GOES for the transformer industry in Europe. We have a great amount of expertise with proven quality control skills of processing thin gauge materials with an extra feature of low iron losses.

Thin gauge materials are costly because of the added value in terms of iron losses, furthermore these materials are very sensitive to physical stress which can increase the risk of iron loss. The thinner and higher the grades are, the more you can benifit from choosing EMS as your supplier.

On top of that, we have been equipped with a brand new core-cutting line for Power Transformers since October 2012, and are able to supplying customers with laminations to customer-specific lengths and shapes.
This new opportunity has given EMS’ customers who are interested in incorporating thin gauge material into cores of Power Transformers great alternatives to their in-house core-cutting process.



Our businesses

The main line of business of Euro-mit staal