Toll processing

Custom manufacturing

We also offer the option of toll processing, in which we have more than 30 years of experience. The material remains the property of the customer, and we will slit and/or cut as per customers requirement. In this way we can offer our services by utilising the customers inventory.

The concept of outsourcing has become more and more popular and will continue to gain more interest in the upcoming years.

Groen vinkjeBenefits of outsourcing

The main reasons why, in our case, the transformer manufacturers decide to outsource the processing of their material are:

  • Focus on your core business

  • Save on capital investments

  • Save time

  • Save Maintenance Costs

  • Save costs for additional employees

  • Save costs for advanced technical skills

  • Save costs for spare parts

  • Save costs on Quality control

  • Ability to work with an experienced team of professionals

  • No additional permits are required

  • Freedom to adjust production levels at any time

Groen vinkjeOffering our services to “your” material