Optimising our quality through frequent testing

Single Sheet Tester MPG100 - SST

Transformer manufacturers strive to design transformers as efficient as possible. In the design phase of a transformer, it is very important to minimise core losses. The most critical parameter in core losses is the quality of the electrical steel. We have the ability to measure iron losses in W/kg at different Tesla levels. Insight in the amount of iron loss in electrical steel is beneficial for the customers, to help them build transformers with more predictable core losses.

With the SST equipment we are able to measure the electrical properties of the material in accordance with the international standard IEC 60404-3.


Franklin Tester

In addition to the importance of knowing the iron losses, it is also important to have maximum coating resistance. A good coating resistance helps ensure that magnetic fluxes pass linearly through the electrical steel in the core of a transformer.

With the Franklin Tester, we are able to measure the coating resistance of the material according to the international standard IEC 60404-11. It is possible to measure customer-supplied test strips.

The SST and Franklin Test equipment of ours are calibrated and certified. If agreed with the customer we are able to send a full report with results.